CFD Post-Processing: Intelligent Light / FieldView

Turning raw simulation data into high-value information is straightforward and simple with FieldView’s advanced post-processing and visualization capabilities. The Smartfish team relies on FieldView to easily and creatively review simulation results, foster an efficient workflow, and automate repetitive tasks. Because FieldView can easily handle large datasets and unsteady simulations, valuable review time is never hampered by large or complex data. Multiple element types, including arbitrary elements, can be reviewed in FieldView, and direct comparisons and evaluation with both simulation and test data are routine. Even if used only occasionally, the intuitive FieldView interface makes it easy to pick up and continue existing work, while the open system supports a wide range of solution data formats.

For more information, and to discover how FieldView helped the Smartfish team succeed, read the case study here. 


Joe Oliver
+1 201.460.4700
Roger Rintala

Multi-Objective Optimization And Design Environment: modeFRONTIER

The process integration and design optimization (PIDO) software, modeFRONTIER, is used to couple the different CAE tools together, and to drive the process in a muti-objective optimization. modeFRONTIER can couple to almost any CAD, mesh generation, simulation or postprocessing tool to create an integrated environment. The wide variety of state-of-the-art optimization algorithms and the sophisticated post-processing toolbox allow the user to optimize the system and to perform advanced statistical analyses of the results.


Nader Fateh
+1 305 995 8205

CFD Solver: Metacomp Technologies / CFD++

All the CFD simulations for SmartFish are done by using CFD++ from Metacomp Technologies. CFD++ is a superset of the various CFD methodologies available and provides accuracy, robustness and ease of use over all flow regimes.

Metacomp Technologies’ software products are setting the pace in the CFD marketplace with their unique combination of Accuracy, Reliability and Performance. Metacomp Technologies is a leading provider of software tools for major aerospace, defense, and automobile manufacturers, many US government labs and research organizations as well as other companies that require complex modeling during research and development.

Metacomp Technologies has built its reputation not only through marketleading software functionality, but also through the Speed and Quality of its customer support. Unlike some other, larger competitors, Metacomp Technologies doesn’t use call centers – it supports its products with software engineers who have a deep, hands-on understanding and knowledge of how to apply its products in many, very tough, testing and modeling scenarios. During the last few years, Metacomp also developed a reputation in the industry for being able to provide solutions for problems that other software companies had failed to resolve.


Sukumar Chakravarthy
+ 1 818 735 4880

CAD System: UGS PLM Solutions / Unigraphics NX

SmartFish was designed with Unigraphics CAD software. Unigraphics NX 4.0 is a comprehensive computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing solution that harnesses knowledge to drive innovation in both product and process.


Ueli Wunderli
+41 1 755 72 30

CFD Mesh Generation: ANSYS / ICEM CFD

The mesh generation is done using ICEM CFD, the leading software for 3-D grid generation for CFD and other engineering applications. ANSYS ICEM CFD's highly automated mesh generation tools that cater to virtually all topologies including all hexahedral, all tetrahedral, hybrid hex/tet element meshes, or Cartesian meshes.


Bernd Brasas
+49 511 288696-54

Video: Castor Films

The Video for Smartfish 10 was designed and produced by Castor Films Stuttgart. Castor Films produces corporate image videos, openers, trailers and footage for internationally renown brands from a variety of industry sectors such as automobile manufacturing, electronic consumer goods, financial services, civil aviation and defence. Within the last two years, the company has won no less than 15 international awards for their first class quality movies.


Martin Castor
+49 711 23 54 72