Wind tunnel testing: RUAG Aerospace

RUAG Aerospace is a commercial company operating in the aerospace sector with its headquarters in Emmen and various plants throughout Switzerland and Germany. RUAG Aerospace possesses all-round skills in research and development, manufacturing and maintenance and offers a full range of products from individual to comprehensive end-to-end solutions in aerospace and adjoining applications.

The Center Aerodynamics with its staff of about 50 qualified engineers and technicians operates various test facilities and is performing research and development work in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, and related fields. The test facilities include the large low speed wind tunnel (LWTE) which features a test section of 7x5m2 and a maximum speed of 70m/s. The smaller (2.5x1.5 m2) wind tunnel (AWTE), with its moving ground facility is mostly used for automotive work. A transonic facility with a test section of 0.5x0.6 m2 is also available.

The Center Aerodynamics counts among its customer a large number of leading European aerospace companies who rely on our testing capabilities for the definition of the low speed characteristics of their aircraft designs.

In the SmartFish project RUAG was commissioned for low speed wind tunnel tests with a model of design 10. The wind tunnel test generated a full performance, control and stability data base and flow visualization data. RUAG will run wind tunnel tests with a scaled model (design 11 or 12) of SmartFish for the two-seater proof of concept prototype.


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