Interpretation statics and dynamics: Leichtwerk

Leichtwerk as a design bureau which is specialised in the design of light aircraft. One of the most appealing projects was the design of eta, the largest sailplane of the world. With a wingspan of 30.9 m the wing has an aspect ratio of over 50, which means that the average chord length of the wing is just 60 cm.

Another strong competence of Leichtwerk is the efficient design of fibre reinforced structures. The range of products spans from giant wind turbine rotor blades to tiny wind tunnel models of aircraft such as the A380. These models have an elastic behaviour similar to their original, so that wind tunnel tests can be performed with a realistic deformation of the aircraft under load.

Leichtwerk will support the SmartFish team with the design of the aircraft primary structure. Structural design is not only challenging from the strength point of view. Together with DLR Göttingen Leichtwerk will ensure that the elasticity of SmartFishÂ’s structure will prevent the aircraft from flutter.

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