Airframe and Systems Design, Systems Integration, Certification, Prototype Construction, Flight Test: EXTRA Aircraft

EXTRA series-builds the "Unlimited Category" aerobatic EA300 aircraft and derivatives at its state-of-the art facility in Huenxe, North-Rhine Westphalia. These aircraft gained EXTRA the reputation as the manufacturer of ultimate performance aircraft and technological leader in the fabrication of composite structures.

The six seat pressurised business and touring aircraft EA 500 (Rolls-Royce Allison Turbine-powered) and EA 400 (Continental Voyager piston engine-powered) continue this tradition. These known-icing certified, all-carbon fibre aircraft represent the latest generation in this class of aircraft and constitute a milestone both in comfort and performance as well as in economy and occupant safety. With a recently announced partnership with Honeywell, Extra further expands its leading position by offering the latest in integrated glass cockpit and systems management technology in the youngest certified airframe currently available.

With a background of comprehensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities EXTRA pioneered carbon fibre aircraft construction, certifying the world's first wet lay-up carbon wing. In this pioneering tradition, EXTRA is very pleased to join the Smartfish effort to advance aeronautical design in a decisive manner.

EXTRA will provide airframe, systems and integration engineering as well as co-ordinate the construction, certification and flight-test of the Smartfish proof-of-concept vehicle.

"I am looking forward to being a part of the Smartfish effort. The basic Smartfish design has the potential of substantially opening flight and performance envelopes of aircraft of the given size and complexity. We at EXTRA see numerous exciting applications that would benefit from the resulting increased capabilities. We appreciate the engineering challenge we are being given. I, in particular, am also looking forward to flying the demonstrator and exploring flight regimes that are currently the exclusive realm of artificially stabilized military systems." Walter Extra

Walter Extra
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