Aeroelastic design studies & flutter analysis: DLR Institute of Aeroelasticity

The Institute of Aeroelasticity is located at the site Göttingen of DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.) - the national research establishment for aeronautics and astronautics in Germany - and is long well-known for its theoretical, computational, and experimental work in this interdisciplinary field. The complex static and dynamic interaction of constructions with their surrounding flow is subject of scientific as well as engineering problem solutions. Especially the dangerous flutter phenomenon is investigated in detail by computer simulations, ground vibration and wind tunnel tests. The institute has demonstrated its outstanding practical experience and advanced methodology necessary for evaluating and improving flutter safety in novel developments like the high altitude research aircraft STRATO2C. In recent years the institute contributed substantially to research projects aimed at multidisciplinary and unconventional aircraft design (blended wing-body and three-surface configurations).

The SmartFish project will be supported by the DLR Institute of Aeroelasticity in: 
* Aeroelastic design studies
* Ground Vibration Testing
* Unsteady aerodynamic modelling for flutter analysis
* Flutter analysis for certification 
* Planning and instrumentation for flight testing


Dr. Fritz Kiessling
+49(0)551 709-2355