Composite developement and fabrication from mold design and mockups to flight ready components: LTB Borowski

LTB Borowski, founded in 1979 as a certified aircraft maintenance and repair facility, has grown into a midsize business involved in the development and production of composite technology products. LTB Borowski offers the consulting services, tooling design and production skills to foster a project from proposal and concept to the creation of prototypes and mass production.

Our composite technology activities are centered in the automobile, machine tool and aviation industries. We serve customers in the automobile industry with mass produced parts. (eg: BMW 500 and 700 series with more than 350,000 parts / year).

Computer aided design and calculation along with LTB Borowski's close cooperation with renowned research and development partners guarantees solutions for the most complex problems. Our DIN ISO EN 9001 certification, more than 30 years experience with composite materials and a wealth of application techniques makes us a capable development partner.

LTB's participation in the Smartfish project covers the area of composite fabrication from mold design and mockups to flight ready components. We are working in cooperation with Leichtwerk on detail design.

Alexander Borowski
LTB Borowski GmbH & Co.KG
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