We are currently building a team for the development of the first SmartFish prototype. Our strategy is to work with companies that are well known for doing an excellent job. We will keep you informed about the selection of our development partners.

Intellectual property is very important in a project like SmartFish. That's why our first development partner is a firm specialized in intellectual property:

Patent & Design protection: Patents & Technology Surveys Ltd

P&TS is a professional firm specialized in intellectual property and the protection of inventions, designs and trademarks, as well as in all related areas such as unfair competition, copyright etc. P&TS offers a complete range of services in connection with filing, defending and securing intellectual property titles and is experienced in the subsequent enforcement and licensing of such rights as well as in patent intelligence, searches and technology surveys. P&TS counts among their clients many important Swiss and foreign companies in key sectors; the firmÂ’s counsel is invaluable in determining whether the prospects for protection would appear to justify the efforts required and thus whether an inventorÂ’s dream is technically and commercially realizable. P&TS handles the international patent & design protection for  innovative aspects SmartFish, including due diligence searches and advice regarding worldwide IP strategies.


Christophe Saam
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