In the past weeks we were busy with finding funding for SmartFish. That’s probably the most challenging part in our project.

Besides that we have been working on the optimization of the shape / design of SmartFish. 
The design goals for the next generation were to improve the following features:

  • •L/D for takeoff and landing 
  • Overall flight characteristics
  • Visibility out of the cockpit
  • Transonic trim


Many different shapes have been designed and analyzed using CFD++ from Metacomp Technologies. The best shapes then got modified to further improve the characteristics and performances. This iteration loop was made several times, and the result was SmartFish Design 13D.


We have made the first successful flights with an RC model of Design 13D. First impressions are very positive. Till now it was not necessary to apply any changes to the shape, the aircraft flies just as designed and the flight characteristics of the model are like predicted by CFD. L/D at low speed is remarkably better, while keeping the docile stall characteristics of the previous designs. The overall satisfactory stability is good now, with also good control harmony.

That’s the best design we ever have made.