Along with SmartFish GmbH, the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Stuttgart is developing a flying experimental vehicle which will be run by fuelcell power.


The objective of the project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of fuel cells in a challenging environment. At the same time the construction of the experimental vehicle will help to gain further knowledge in the areas of lightweight construction and packaging of fuel cell systems.

The aircraft will be constructed based on the concept by Swiss company SmartFish GmbH, because the aircraft design combines volume and usable weight as well as excellent performance.


Till Kaz

Besides that are we still busy with the funding of the project, money is still our biggest issue. And will always be for innovatice aircraft projects:

“What I learned from the information technology world was that the non-existence of a market is viewed as a perfect opportunity,” Raburn told Business & Commercial Aviation magazine, part of the Aviation Week group. “But in our business – aviation – it’s viewed as a proof it shouldn’t exist”    

From Aviation Week & Space Technology / 25th of July 2005

Building and producing an entirely new form of aircraft (and in our case selling the IP and design rights) requires imagination, courage and determination. So if you have the courage and imagination and also the corresponding deep pocket please feel free to get in touch with us.