The first HyFish, a SmartFish powered by a fuel cell system developed by DLR, is in constructon:


CNC milling of a mould


Polished mould


First model of HyFish

In the next weeks will be the first testfligts using a battery powered HyFish. The next step is the installation of the fuel cell system. The first flights only with hydrogen power will be this summer.

Research & Development

We are working on a new inlet system for the air intakes. It's something like a geometrically fixed inlet that is behaving aerodynamically like an linket with variable geometry. This will enable good take-off and climb performance, all while having a low fuel consumption in cruise flight.


Besides that are we still busy with the funding of the project. In the moment we are in negotiations with several institutional financiers, from several areas of the world. We also proof another promising idea of using our design for a new basic development of a propulsion system. If you know have an alternative financing idea for the project or want to make a proposal to us please feel free to get in touch with us.