In the last 3 months we made significant progress in the optimisation of low speed flight characteristics. This progress in controllability and stability during extreme low speed flights was proven now by several flight tests and CFD simulations with Design 19 as well as the progress in the area of air intakes.


Image of air intakes of HyFish at AOA 25 degrees created with Fieldview 11

Team SmartFish is delighted to announce that SmartFish’s contribution to the development of the fuel cell-powered drone “Hyfish” was shown at the Fuel Cell Congress in Stuttgart from the 23rd -25th of September. The model exhibited was an aerodynamic optimized flyable version of the “Hyfish” Design No. 19. At this stage, the composite and moulding requirements have been supported by the companies 1A-DLE and LTB Borowski. Although more work on the design and integration of the fuel cell stage is still required, the German Centre of Aerospace (DLR) is very optimistic that the drone will have its first flight by the end of this year.


Hyfish model at the German Centre Aerospace booth during the fuelcell congress

Excitingly, significant progress has also been made in the area of financing the project. The SmartFish team are currently in negotiations regarding a financing contract for the realisation of a two-seater POC. However, of course, any serious offers in this direction are highly welcome, but should be made quickly. For more information, please contact Claus-Peter Deissler at Team SmartFish.