It’s quite some time ago we have updated our homepage. We have been very busy since then, doing a lot of R&D. Many design variants have been evaluated using CFD. The aerodynamic engine installation, including the air intake, has been evaluated. The goal was to have excellent L/D ratio at cruise condition flying Mach 0.85 or faster, while keeping the docile flight characteristics. And all this using a profile with about 10% thickness for the wing.

SmartFish wing at cruise with Mach 0.87; Image created with Fieldview 12.1

The result we have achieved is a design with completely shock and separation free flow over the whole aircraft up to Mach 0.87 with clean isobars sweep.

So from the aerodynamic viewpoint it’s really time to build the first two POC’s (small 2-seaters, MTOW 1200kg, Williams FJ-33-19 Turbofan), capable of flying up to 10’000km at Mach 0.85.