HyFish has a wingspan of 1m, a total lenght of 1.3m and a weight of 6.1kg. The fuel cell system including electronics and hydrogen tank has a weight of 3kg and an electrical output of 1kW. The propulsion of HyFish is realized using a ducted fan driven by an eletric motor. The energy source to power the electric motor is only the fuel cell. The thrust to weight ratio of the complete aircraft is roughly 1:3. Possible flight time is around 15min when flying full speed, when using less power the flight time will be much longer. The flight performances are fantastic. We have made loopings, rolls, steep dives and climbs.

Compared to conventional RC planes the HyFish is underpowered. But despite that HyFish has shown excellent flight characteristics and performances! Flight speed is up to 200km/h!

When comparing the performance of HyFish with the performance of other fuel cell powered aircraft then you can imagine the potential of the SmartFish concept. Please have a look for a comparison with other fuell cell projects at www.horizonfuelcell.com/aerospace.htm

HyFish in Flight

Click on the picture above when you want to see a small movie. Or download the movie here (5 MB).