In order to validate the concept of SmartFish, a two-seater proof of concept prototype now has to be built. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations combined with Multi Objective Design Optimization Methods have been carried out in order to define the optimum shape of the aircraft. Many different design variants have been built and tested as RC models. The excellent flight qualities and performances that we have proven with the flying RC models will also be found on a manned prototype.

TYPE: Two seat, single engine utility/leisure high performance aircraft.

DESIGN FEATURES: All-composites, lifting body aerodynamic configuration, single turbofan in pusher configuration. Overall shape is optimised for low drag at normal cruising speed. Standard symmetric wing sections on tail configured as 45 degree swept surfaces.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional mechanical via push/pull rods for both tail mounted roll and pitch controls, steel cables for rudder control. Electric trim tab for roll and pitch control.

STRUCTURE: Wing and fuselage is one integrated unit. The primary structures are built with carbon fibre and honeycomb sandwich; special parts are reinforced also with Kevlar. Primary structures built from carbon prepreg fabric laid-up on CNC milled all composites female moulds; all exterior shells of co-cured carbon and honeycomb sandwich. Carbon fibre and Kevlar flaps and control surfaces.

LANDING GEAR: Nosewheel tricycle type; electrically actuated nose gear retracts rearward into fuselage contours; electrically actuated main gear retracts rearward into fuselage contours; steel struts with mechanical back-up extension system. Steerable Nosewheel. Hydraulic mainwheel brakes and parking brake.

POWERPLANT: One Williams FJ-33-19 Turbofan with 1800-1900lbs of thrust. Engine is mounted below the passenger cabin and the air-inlet is in the nose of the aircraft. Fuel is stored in two integral wing tanks with a total of 500 litres.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and co-pilot or passenger in tandem configuration in individual cockpits; dual stick controls.


Length 6.9 m
Wingspan 5.4 m
Aspect ratio 1.7
Height 2.1 m
Max. Takeoff weight  1'200 kg
Zero fuel weight 500 kg
Fuel capacity 400 kg
Payload 300 kg
Takeoff and landing distance 700 m
Vso 125 km/h
Vne Mach 0.92